The Film Stage referencia "O Ornitólogo" (Rui Poças aip).

O filme fotografado pelo nosso membro Rui Poças aip «O Ornitólogo» de João Pedro Rodrigues vem referenciado na revista online Americana «The Film Stage» como um dos melhores fotografias do ano de 2017. Facto que é motivo de orgulho para a Associaçao de Imagem.

The Ornithologist (Rui Poças)

«One of the most formally distinct films of the year, João Pedro Rodrigues brings us on a beguiling journey like no other in The Ornithologist. Shot by Rui Poças, he films bodies, birds, and the beauty of the surroundings with a rigid, but warm eye, making the adventure an endlessly transfixing one. The sexually-charged narrative is only heightened by this approach to images, one that lingers more than naturally expected as our fascination (and fear) becomes intertwined with that of the protagonist. – Jordan R.»

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