RED - MONSTRO training na PLANAR

RED - MONSTRO training

10/05/2018 - 14h30


RED’s Dan Duran will presenting on "RED Workflow and its new Image Processing Pipeline.” Attendees will learn about the color science behind RED’s Image Processing Pipeline (IPP2), which offers acompletely overhauled workflow experience featuring enhancements such as better management of challenging colors, an improved demosaic algorithm, smoother highlight roll-off, and more. We will also be discussing modern RED workflow and a comprehensive overview of the advantages of High Resolution RAW REDCODE files. Dan has been with the RED team since 2007. He is the face of many RED Techvideos and RED’s workflow expert. Most recently, he's worked with clients such as Netflix, Fox, Warner Brothers, YouTube, Amazon and many more. He is currently based in Hollywood, CA.


• Resolution - Understanding the importance of high resolution capture and how to best take advantage of shooting 8k. • RAW - Utilizing the RAW capabilities of the R3D file format from camera all the way through post. • REDCode - How RED’s compression works and the deciding on the best data rate for your productions.


• On Set & DIT - Covering file size, data transfer, and transcoding. • Editing - Understanding the advantages of some of the most popular editing workflows. • Coloring - Covering the best practices from cinematic to broadcast distribution.


• Visual Enhancements - How we have improved upon our RAW image capture. • Standardizing Workflow - What is REDWideGamutRGB and Log3g10? • Separating Technical from Creative - How 3D LUTS and CDLs are being implemented into RED Workflow.

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