Requisitos para Produzir para o NETFLIX

April 11, 2019

Pronto para produzir o seu documentário? 

Se você quer ter uma hipótese de produzir para o Netflix, terá que usar uma câmara 4K com um sensor 4K real.

Abaixo estão todos os requisitos e as câmaras aprovadas

Camera Requirements

Resolution Requirements:

·        Camera must have a true 4K UHD sensor (equal to or greater than 3840 photosites wide).

Capture Requirements:

·        Capture Format 

o   RAW (Sony RAW, REDCODE, Arriraw etc.)

o   COMPRESSED (XAVC, ProRes, or other I-Frame capable formats)

o   Minimum of 16-bit Linear or 10-bit Log processing

o   Minimum data-rate of Bitrate of 240 Mbps at 23.98 fps

·        Capture Gamma 

o   S-Log3, Log-C, V-Log, Log3G10, etc.

·        Capture Color Space 

o   S-Gamut3.cine, RED Wide Gamut RGB, Alexa Wide Gamut, etc.

·        No looks or color corrections should be baked into the original camera files.

·        Files must maintain all metadata (i.e. Tape Name, Timecode, Frame Rate, ISO, WB, etc.).

Black Balancing:

·        If applicable, black balancing of camera sensors should be done daily, when the camera is at normal operating temperature. See specific black balancing instructions in the camera operating manual.

Aspect Ratio / Framing:

·        Aspect ratios greater than 2.00:1 must be evaluated and discussed with Netflix for approval.

·        Framing chart must be shot before principal photography begins, and processed through the dailies pipeline which will be shared with editorial, post-production, and VFX.

Anamorphic Lenses:

·        If anamorphic lenses are being considered, camera selection must take into account the extra resolution required for capture. Contact your Netflix project lead to discuss implications or concerns.

Secondary Cameras:

·        Any cameras other than the primary camera (crash, POV, drone, underwater, etc.) must be approved by Netflix.

·        Footage from non-approved cameras will count towards the total allotment of non-approved capture. The allotment is based on content used in the final edit (per episode if applicable) and not on the total captured content.

·        Test footage should be shot and provided to dailies and post-production to ensure compatibility with primary camera.

Spanned Clips:

·        Allowing a camera to record spanned clips (single takes spread out on multiple camera cards) is inadvisable. Please avoid this recording method if it is not absolutely necessary.

Film Cameras:

·        For productions seeking to shoot any photochemical film, please contact or a relevant Netflix project lead.

Approved Cameras

The cameras listed below meet the minimum resolution and recording requirements listed above. This list is not exhaustive; additional approved cameras may be available.

For productions looking to use “broadcast” cameras, please contact for specs and workflow guidance.







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