"Opte Por Amar Mais" com fotografia de Andreia Saraiva na ADF.

A curta-metragem "Opte Por Amar Mais" encontra-se em competição internacional no

5to.Festival Internacional ADF de Fotografía Cinematográfica.

Será exibida dia 4 de Novembro, às 21h no Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Maria is 40 and has lung cancer. She lost hope, doesn’t believe in healing. She keeps smoking. Now she smokes to forget. On her birthday, she sees herdaughter Beatriz with a lollipop imitating her to smoke… From that moment on it's love that comes to life. The love of a mother who will have to find forces to walk across the corridor of life, with all the memories hanging on the walls and convince her daughter "My love, whatever happens, remember... a princess does not smoke!”.


Andreia Santos is a Portuguese cinematographer, born in Lisboa on 1983. She graduated from Escola Superior de Cinema, Portugal and attended FAMU Film School, Praha, Check Republic. Andreia has been a cinematographer for various formats including awarded shorts (“Shoot Me” MIFF 2010) and 3 fiction features. Recently Andreia won 2 awards for Best Cinematography, Golden Earth and World Premiere Film awards with “Ephemerality”. Now she’s shooting a documentary of the director Manuel Mozos.

Motivación del Director de Fotografía

A drama to change behavior, focused on women that statistics show as growing numbers on starting smoking. While preparing with the director was clear the Past, Present and Future. The Past represented by photos that turn into colorful flashbacks where time is slower and from joyful moments we close up to inconsequent actions that shape the shaky Present, Maria’s corridor of self growing. From a hopeless blue smoky hole, passing to a flamed hell and finally evolving to a bright Edens’ garden where the projected image of a daughter in a mother's eye has to be: a happy future!

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